What Can I Ship

Ship What You Want

Ship what you want. Make more room in your vehicle and lighten your load at the airport.  Avoid unnecessary airline fees for excess and overweight items.  Stroll past the long lines.  Enjoy the luxury of time and the service of convenience.  Ship your golf clubs, ship your bike, ship your skis, ship your board, ship your hockey equipment, and ShipYourLuggage.  It’s your stuff – your trip.

We are happy to help our customers reclaim the pleasure of travel.

Ship Your Golf Clubs

Let us caddie for you, through the airport, right to your room or straight to the clubhouse – and get you out on the green.  Your clubs give you the best game.  Let us give you the best service.  You deserve to travel like a pro.

In the lower 48 States, we offer the flat rate of $84 for standard size golf bags (up to 50 lbs).  This covers most bags.  If you choose a faster speed of delivery, then the rate will reflect your need for speed.  It’s your call, your clubs.  We’ll be happy to deliver.

Please note that you will need a shipping case for your clubs.  The more secure and protected, the better it is to ship.  If your case has double handles, be sure to loop the tag in a way that does not seal the case shut.  Remember, the tag stays on for the duration of your trip.

You pack your golf clubs.  We’ll pickup and deliver.

Ship Your Bike

Want your bike with you?  Sure, we can ship your bike.  We’ll send you the label.  You apply the label to the exterior of your bike shipping case.  You pack your bike.  We’ll pickup and deliver.

Ship Your Skis or Snowboard

The snow, the slopes, and your winter gear all await you.  Breeze through the airport and get right to the fun.  We’ll send you the label.  You apply the label to the exterior of your shipping case.  You pack, we’ll pick up and deliver.

Or Ship a Box

If you can securely place a label on it – we can ship it.  Many of our travelers come home with more than they took with them.  Just select the luggage weight (up to 25, 50 or 75 lb) that reflects the weight of your shipment and make a special note under the address that you will be shipping a box.