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How It Works


Ship your luggage – It's simple fast and secure.
Order online or by phone.
One-way domestic: overnight,
2-day, 3-day, or 5-day delivery.
Round trip:
Same easy options for return including cost effective 5-day return.


Pack what you want.
No more overweight fees. Bags are packed as they would be for any standard trip minus the TSA restrictions. No box is required to ship your luggage. Sports equipment will require protective cases. Pack what you want. Choose your own travel size.


One tag is all you need.
One tag - two shipping labels. Attach it once. The top label is for departure. The bottom label is for your return. Optional pickup days for busy schedules.

Ship Your Luggage

Pickup and ship.
We will come on the day you specify to collect your luggage. You don't need to be present for pickup. Enjoy the service of convenience.

Track & Deliver

Ready and waiting.
Your luggage will be monitored by trained shipping specialists in real time throughout the journey. We will send you email updates letting you know your bags are delivered and waiting for you!

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Let us take the stress out of travel

No more carry-on hassles or baggage claim carousels. Enjoy the luxury of time and hands free travel. You deserve the service of convenience.

We’ll ship your sports equipment too.

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