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Ship Your Luggage, LLC welcomes the opportunity to form enduring partnerships that lead to a better travel experience for your groups, clients and guests.

We form partnerships with the finest organizations and companies within the travel industry. Ship Your Luggage serves the individual traveler and has custom built proprietary technology designed and specialized to ship groups of travelers efficiently and reliably.

We form partnerships that are deliberately designed to benefit our partners, ensuring they remain in place for the long-haul. Our partner’s success is our success. The business generated by our partners – generates revenue equal to, or in some cases, greater than our own. In addition, the commissions we offer create an ongoing revenue stream for our partners on any repeat business we receive from their referrals for years to come.

Our partners must demonstrate the ability to actively promote the service we provide to their customer base. We work collaboratively with partners to create a marketing strategy and a partnership structure that makes sense for all involved.

If you serve the traveler, we’d love to hear from you.

For partnership inquiries you can email or feel free to call us at 855-LUGGAGE

Some Of Our Partners


CONVENIENCE: Skip the Check-in Lines & Bypass the Baggage Claim. No more carrying, checking and claiming luggage.

PREMIUM SERVICES: Have your shipment monitored & managed by qualified shipping experts.

INSURANCE PROTECTION: Protect your luggage in transit with unlimited value protection.

GUARANTEED: 100% refund guarantee plus $500 for any late or lost luggage.

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