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Designed to create your shipment in under 3 minutes


Pack what you want.


You book. You tag. We ship and track.

Ship Your Luggage

Pickup and ship.

Track & Deliver

Ready and waiting.


Place you order online to ship luggage internationally or domestically or by phone with one of our real live people. Our systems were designed to create shipments in 3 minutes or less.

If your planning to ship luggage domestically we offer 1-day, 2-day, 3-day or 5-day shipping options. If your going to ship luggage internationally you can choose between our Priority or Standard international shipping services. We offer flexible insurance coverage on all our shipments and unlimited value protection options. You can select the amount of coverage you prefer.

Ship your luggage one-way or round trip. Some of our travelers choose the 1-way option home for the return portion of their trip for shipping luggage, shipping golf clubs, shipping skis or for shipping a bicycle.


No more overweight fees. Pack your luggage as you normally would for any standard trip minus the TSA restrictions. We will notify you by email when it’s time to pack. You have the option to ship your luggage in a box although it’s not required. Sports equipment requires soft or hard protective cases to protect your sports equipment while it is in transit.


Once you place your order we will overnight your luggage tags to you. Securely attach to the tags to your luggage. If you choose our Fast, Easy, Now option instead - print the shipping labels off onsite and securely attach it to your luggage for pick up.


Pickups are scheduled on an automated basis by our system for the day you request when you submit your order. Our shipping partner will arrive on the specified day for pick up. Place your luggage in a location for the driver to pick up. You need not be present.

As an alternative, you can call or email us if you prefer to drop-off your luggage and we can provide a drop off location near you. Your luggage will be tracked & monitored continuously throughout the journey by our trained shipping specialists. You will receive regular, automated updates every step of the way. Track your shipment on our website in real time throughout the journey.


The one simple key change needed to your routine to use this innovative way to travel is - to book in advance. By booking in advance, your luggage will be delivered to your travel destination ahead of you and waiting upon arrival. And it will be picked up for return home on the day you choose at the end of your trip.

Total Travel Convenience. It’s about… time.

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ConvenienceSkip the Check-in Lines & Bypass the Baggage Claim. No more carrying, checking and claiming luggage.

Premium ServicesHave your shipment monitored & managed by qualified shipping experts.

Insurance ProtectionProtect your luggage in transit with unlimited value protection.

GuaranteedOn-time refund guarantee plus up to $500 for any late or lost luggage.