How It Works


Order online or by phone in advance of your trip. Domestic or International. One way or round trip. Overnight, 2-day, 3-day, or cost effective 5-day domestic delivery. Priority or Standard International services. Insurance coverage at the level selected.


No more overweight fees. Bags are packed as they would be for any standard trip minus the TSA restrictions. No box is required to ship your luggage but boxes are always an option. Sports equipment requires protective cases to protect any equipment being shipped.

Tag Your Luggage or Sports Gear

One tag is all you need. One tag – two shipping labels. The top label is for departure. Attach it once. The bottom label is for the return trip. Optional pickup times for busy schedules.

Ship Your Luggage

Our shipping partner arrives at the specified time for pickup. Clients need not be present. Transit tracked & monitored by trained shipping specialists. Automated updates provided via email. Track shipment thru our website in real time throughout the journey.

Track & Deliver

Bags, boxes and sports equipment delivered to the scheduled destinations ahead of our customers. Luggage is waiting upon arrival.

Total Travel Convenience.  It’s about… time.