How It Works


It’s simple, fast and secure.  Tell us where you want it picked up and delivered.  Choose your luggage size and shipping speed when you Book Now.   We’ll send you the tag.  You attach it to your luggage and it is ready for pickup.


Pack what you want.  Take the clothes and personal items you’re accustomed to using everyday.  No longer are you limited by TSA 3-1-1 restrictions. Here’s a novel thought: Pack the bottle of shampoo you already have.  Choose your own travel size.

Tag Your Luggage or Sports Gear

All in one tag. Your one tag contains two shipping labels.

Top Label: for Departure
The top label has your travel destination address on it.  Simply attach the tag to your luggage and it’s ready for pickup and delivery to your travel destination.  Leave the tag on your luggage for the duration of your round trip.

Bottom Label: for Return
The bottom label has your return address on it.  If you have a return trip scheduled, be sure to remove  the top label with the destination address on it from your luggage tag so that the return address appears for your return trip.  Simply peel off the top label from the tag attached to your luggage or sports equipment.  This easy step makes your luggage pickup ready for your home destination.

Ship Your Luggage

Our team will arrange your pickup at the pick-up address you designate and actively monitor it throughout the shipping process.  We provide a door to door service and will have your bag waiting for you at your destination.

Track & Deliver

We keep you informed and connectedOur team will actively track your luggage and provide you with email updates as your luggage ships.  Travel with peace of mind, knowing that your luggage is ready and waiting for you.

Total Travel Convenience.  It’s about… time.